George Mergenthaler. Colorized by Marina Amaral

"MERG" tells the TRUE story of George Mergenthaler, born in Rye, NY to Herman and Alice Mergenthaler, and grandson of Ottmar Mergenthaler, the German immigrant inventor who would cement his place in history with his invention of the Linotype machine. Revolutionary in its design, the Linotype was the single greatest advancement in the publishing industry since the Gutenberg press and would eventually make the Mergenthaler family wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.


"MERG" is a literary journey taking readers from Ottmar's childhood in Germany to his new home in American, through his early struggles as an immigrant to his eventual triumph as an inventor and to his untimely death. The story weaves through the decades following the turn of the 20th century, through repeated, horrific family tragedies, two world wars, pandemic influenza, the search for a notorious serial killer, and culminates in a small war-town in Luxembourg. 

"MERG" is the soul touching story of a family blessed with prosperity and cursed by tragedy, whose only male heir to the vast family fortune came with the birth of an only son, who answered a call to war and made a hero's stand; the memory of that stand living on in that town to this very day by those who never forgot the sacrifices made for freedom.

Peter Lion, author



After more than ten years of researching and reviewing numerous battle maps and plans, after-action reports, unit histories, various news articles of events of the times, family histories and memoirs, personal accounts, historical documents and records, and conducting scores of interviews with veterans, local historians, townspeople and relatives, PETER LION presents for the first time the definitive and true story captured in "MERG".


PETER LION is also the author of

"American St. Nick-A True Story".

He is a 7-time Emmy winning Producer, Director, Writer and Journalist.

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