Site where the field kitchen was set-up in Eschweiler, as it looks today.


The "barn" where captured soldiers from the 28th Cav. Recon Troop were held prior to marching east to their eventual POW camps, has changed little since the war.


Cafe Halt as it is today, at the crossroad near where the convoy was ambushed.

Hubert House after the war

The Huberty House after the war. Virginia Huberty looks out from a second story window.

Pletshett house post war

Members of the Pletschett family standing in front of their house after the war.

The homes today

Pletschett house left and the Huberty house on the right as they look today,

Pletschet house

The Pletschet house after the war. The upper right window is the room where George and Cletus stayed.

Victoria Petschet

Victoria Pletschet, July 2017

George, Charles & Cletus

George Mergenthaler, Charles Stansbury & Cletus La Fond (L-R) in Eschweiler

Eschweiler 1954

Eschweiler, 1954. Photo taken by Alice Mergenthaler

28th Cavalry Recon Troop Wales 1944

The 28th Cavalry Recon Troop at Pen y Coed mansion outside St. Clears, Wales; March 1944 (George Mergenthaler is in the back row, last soldier on the right)

George Mergenthaler

George Mergenthaler outside St. Mauritius, December 1944

Sherman Tank outside St. Mauritius

A disabled Sherman tank outside St. Mauritius, July 1945

George, Charles, Cletus

George Mergenthaler, Charles Stansbury, Cletus La Fond pose with one of the troop's M8 scout vehicles, December 1944

George Mergenthaler 1943 yearbook pi

George Mergenthaler's 1943 Princeton University yearbook picture. (colorization: Marina Amaral)

St. Mauritius Eschweiler 1945

St. Mauritius in Eschweiler, 1945

St. Mauritius Eschweiler

St. Mauritius in Eschweiler, Luxembourg as it looks today

George Mergenthaler plaster disk

Plaster cast of George Mergenthaler greeting visitors to St. Mauritius

Mural behind the altar

The hand painted mural behind the altar in St. Mauritius in Eschweiler, Luxembourg

Mergenthaler roadside monument

The roadside monument a mile down the road from Eschweiler near Cafe Halt.

Mergenthaler children

The Mergenthaler Children (L-R) Herman, Eugene, Fritz, Pauline

Alice Wedding Picture

Alice Mergenthaler on her wedding day in 1910

Pauline Mergenthaler

Pauline Mergenthaler, 18 years old

Young Nora Mitchell

Nora Mitchell plays in the snow on the town green in Rye, NY, 1922.

Eschweiler 1954

Eschweiler, 1954. Photo taken by Alice Mergenthaler